The Information Assurance Center at Iowa State University

Welcome to the IAC

Created in 2000 as a multidisciplinary center, the Information Assurance Center (IAC) strives to become a nationally recognized authority in information assurance research, teaching and outreach. The Center represents several departments across campus—including Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Political Science, Management Information Systems and Computer Science—to respond to the needs of students and the priorities of funding agencies.

As the attention toward cyber security increases, the IAC is prepared to act on the available opportunities and enhance awareness of cyber security issues facing our home and the world.

The IAC obtained designation of National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education by the National Security Agency four times since 1999.

Can We Learn To Be Safe Online?

“Every time we log in to our email account, post a picture on instagram or download a new game, we are putting our personal information at risk. Knowing that students can be an easy target, Prof Doug Jacobson, from Iowa State University, USA, has developed a course to teach college and high school students about cybersecurity.”

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This article was produced by Futurum, a magazine and online platform aimed at inspiring young people to follow a career in the sciences, research and technology. For more information, teaching resources, and course and career guides, see

Rising Dependency on the Internet Calls for Extra Precautions

Computers, Children & Safety is Risky Business: The virtual world of internet surfing, daily tasking, social media, gaming, and entertainment. We are only beginning to realize the risks and consequences we need to avoid.

IAC Director Addresses Cyber Security Vigilance Amidst COVID-19

In this special #SocialDistancing episode of Factor Analysis, we speak with CyberSecurity expert and University Professor Doug Jacobson about the need for extra precaution as the world moves even further online. Dr. Jacobson offers insight and tips on what to be looking for, and how to avoid potentially costly mishaps online.