The Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security is made up of four courses, totaling in 12 credits:

  • InfAs 530
  • InfAs 531
  • InfAs 532
  • One course out of InfAs 533, InfAs 534, Cpr E 535, Cpr E 536, or Cpr E 537

Certificate requirements (pdf)


The graduate certificate is offered to off-campus students as a way to supplement their education. Students who continue to pursue a Master’s degree in Information Assurance can transfer certificate courses into Master’s curriculum.


Students can apply through Iowa State Admissions. Select Application > Nondegree > Graduate Certificate.


Direct admission to the certificate program is limited to off-campus students only. Students who complete the certificate and wish to receive a Master of Science or Master of Engineering degree in Information Assurance will need to complete a form to continue.

Contact Stacey Ross for additional information on the certificate program. ().