A graduate certificate in Information Assurance (IA) is offered, which consists of four courses (12 credits) (InfAs 530, 531, 532, plus one other IA course).


The graduate certificate is targeted for off-campus students as a way to either supplement their education or as way to try out online education courses.  All of the certificate courses will transfer into the MS or MENGR degree in IA.


Student apply through the ISU Admissions online website http://www.admissions.iastate.edu/apply/ .  Select  the degree seeking application, certificate, in Information Assurance.  NOTE:  direct admission to the certificate program is limited to off-campus students only.  Once you have completed the certificate there are two forms that needs to be completed.  Students who complete the certificate and wish to receive a MS or MENGR degree in IA will need to complete a form to continue. Forms are located on grad college website.  http://www.grad-college.iastate.edu/common/forms

Contact Ginny Anderson for additional information on the certificate program. ()


Certificate requirements (pdf)