Cyber Defense Competitions

ISU runs 5 Cyber Defense Competitions each year.  (link to the CDC web page)
The CDC’s are held on a Friday and Saturday. Friday is for final setup and the actual competition starts at 8 AM on Saturday.  We release the scenario about 4 weeks prior to the CDC so team can start to build their blue team network.

Dates for the CDCs can be found at:

How to get involved:

  • Sponsorship:  Companies and organizations can sponsor one or more CDCs. This flyer 2019-2020 CDC Sponsorships describes the sponsorship opportunities for 2019/20.
  • Blue Team: Three of the CDCs are open to certain groups outside of ISU.
    • The community college CDC is open any Community College in the region
    • The National CDC is open to any school in the region
    • The High School CDC is open to any Iowa high school through the IT-Adventures Program
  • Red Team:  We welcome anyone interested in being part of red team to contact us (ude.e1573480311tatsa1573480311i@tro1573480311ppus_1573480311cdc1573480311).  Red team members spend from 8 to 4 on Saturday attacking the blue team.
  • Green Team: The green team members are users and will spend Saturday testing the usability of the blue team systems.
  • Visitors:  Anyone is welcome to stop by and visit the CDC on Friday afternoon during setup or on Saturday during the competition.

CDC Hall of fame (winning teams)

Fun CDC facts