2018 – 2019 Cyber Corps Scholarships – via Iowa State University (ISU)

Iowa State University has received funding from the National Science Foundation Scholarships for Service program to support students working in information assurance.

Program participants will take courses in information assurance as part of their regular degree requirements. In addition, all scholarship recipients will become part of an SFS cohort group and participate in academic including taking 3 leadership courses (one per semester as listed below), and social activities throughout the year. The scholarship also requires a service commitment consisting of a paid summer internship after your first year and two years of paid employment at a federal agency.  The three leadership courses are listed below.

Graduate applicants should possess (or be receiving) an undergraduate degree in a relevant field, with a GPA of at least 3.2. The fellowship includes all tuition and educational fees, in addition to a $25,000 annual stipend.

The application deadline for Fall 2018 is March 31, 2018.

Download an application cc-application, or email for more information.

The Federal Office of Personnel Management has some information on the scholarship for service program. This page includes a list of frequently asked questions that may be of interest to both prospective applicants to the program and students currently in the program.

Another resource to learn about the SFS program can be found at:



**** Three leadership courses:  The course descriptions are located in the ISU catalog.

HG ED 540. Foundations of Leadership: Learning, Ethics, Self and Interaction.

Hg Ed 541. Learning, Leadership, Ethics and Community.

Hg Ed 542. Learning, Leadership, Ethics, and Teams; Knowing, Doing and Being.