Cyber Security Degree Programs

Iowa State University has been offering courses in information assurance since 1995 and has one of the largest programs in the country.  NOTE:  As of fall 2019 the Graduate degrees in Information Assurance have been renamed to MS / ME in Cybersecurity.  Graduate degrees can be obtained in a traditional on campus setting or as an on-line program.  For information on the Engineering-LAS Online Learning program visit

Undergraduate Education

Through the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering we offer several paths for undergraduates wishing to study Cybersecurity.

  • In summer of 2019 we created a new degree in Cyber Security Engineering
  • Starting in the spring of 2016 we will be offering a minor in Cyber Security through the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  • Students in computer engineering can take several of the graduate information assurance courses and apply them to their undergraduate degree.  Note:  If you are considering attending grad school in cyber security you will want to postpone taking the grad classes until you are in grad school as you can not double count them.
  • We also offer a computer security literacy course to students with little or no background in computing.  This course is the first such course offered at a research university to tend to the needs of the average computer user.

Graduate Education

Work is offered for the degree Master of Science with a major in Cyber Security under a cooperative arrangement with various departments including Electrical and Computer Engineering; Political Science; Management Information Systems; and Mathematics. Students graduating from the major will help to fill the need for well-educated system security specialists in the government, private sector, and academia.

The program objectives identified as being critical to the accomplishment of this mission are:

  • Impart and enhance knowledge about information infrastructure security;
  • Expand and develop ability to engineer complex systems;
  • Instill and nurture social awareness, and the ability to function in a team;
  • Instill and nurture a sense of ethics;
  • Develop an understanding of strategic and policy issues.

We offer 3 different on campus graduate degree options:

  1. Masters of Science with thesis
  2. Masters of Science without thesis (Creative Component)
  3. Ph.D. in a home department (Cpr E, CS, or Math) with a focus on Information Assurance

We offer 4 different off campus graduate degree options:

  1. Masters of Science with thesis
  2. Masters of Science without thesis (Creative Component)
  3. Masters of Engineering (coursework only)
  4. Graduate certificate