Distance Education

The Information Assurance Center offers the Master of Science (MS) in Information Assurance (IA), the Master of Engineering (MENGR) in IA, and the Certificate in IA via Engineering-LAS Online Learning (see www.eol.iastate.edu).

Currently, Computer Engineering is the only home department to offer a online education version of the Masters degrees in MS and MENGR Information Assurance.  The graduation requirements are the same for on-campus and off-campus students for the MS degree.


The admission requirements  for students entering the program without work experience are the same as the requirement for computer engineers.  For students with 3 or more years of work experience the GRE and GPA minimum may be waived.  Students with an undergraduate degree in a non computing field that have at least 3 years of work experience in an information technology field may be admitted to the Masters degree programs.  Please contact Ginny Anderson prior to applying with details of your work history and background information.


You can only take up to 9 credits as a non-degree seeking student (i.e. without applying to ISU).   You need to apply to a degree program (MS, MENGR, Cert) before you take more than 9 credits. Any credits earned after that will not transfer into the degree program.  It is best if you start your application early in the semester since the application process may take several months, plan accordingly.  Admission and application procedures can be found on the ISU Admissions website .

Please contact Ginny Anderson for more information ()