Iowa Cyber Hub

Protecting the Nation through Cyber Education

The Iowa Cyber Hub is dedicated to improving cyber security for Iowans and economic growth and development in the Midwest. This shall be accomplished through a comprehensive set of literacy, training, outreach, and educational programs. The Iowa Cyber Hub is aligned with the cyber security goals of the State of Iowa as outlined in the 2016 cyber security plan.  By leveraging current initiatives and capabilities across the State as well as identifying and closing gaps the Iowa Cyber Hub is well positioned to make Iowa a leader in cyber security.

Goal of the Iowa Cyber Hub

The Iowa Cyber Hub strives to create a safe and secure Iowa by delivering security education to all Iowans. The Iowa Cyber Hub provides educational pathways to grow the cyber workforce and enhance the security capabilities to the benefit of the nation and our homes.

To accomplish this goal, the Iowa Cyber Hub created a cyber security ecosystem where companies can work with universities, community colleges and K-12 institutions on cyber security issues.

To accomplish this goal, the Iowa Cyber Hub aims to enlighten, engage, educates and employ a cyber workforce for Iowans.

  • Enlighten Iowans by exposing them to the concepts of cyber security with the goal of making every Iowan more secure.
  • Engage students, workers, and citizens to become involved in cyber security through outreach, training exercises, competitions, conferences, and training environments.
  • Educate students to enter the cyber workforce by; 1) developing pathways for students through the various educational partners in the cyber hub, 2) working with employers to continue to align our curriculum to their needs, 3) provide formal educational opportunities for students in grades K-12, post secondary and incumbent workers.
  • Employ a cyber workforce by working with employers to; 1) develop standardize job postings and job descriptions , 2) align educational outcomes with employment opportunities, 3) facilitate industrial interaction to meet workforce needs

Iowa Cyber Hub Membership

Membership in the Iowa Cyber Hub is open to any organization interested in the goals and mission of the hub. The hub members provide input and help deliver the programming necessary to accomplish the goal of increasing the cyber workforce.  Hub members include:

  • Educational members (K-12, community colleges, Universities, AEA, etc.)
  • Industrial members (local, regional, national employers)
  • Other members (State, local, and federal government, National Guard, trade groups

If your organization is interested in joining the Iowa Cyber Hub please contact: 

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