Information Systems Security Laboratory (ISSL)


The Information Systems Security Laboratory (ISSL) is a security training, testing, and outreach laboratory created to support business and industry in Iowa, as well as across the Midwest region.

The ISSL is a partnership between ISU’s Information Assurance Center (IAC), the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the College of Engineering.
It addresses many of the challenges corporations currently face and will continue to change and respond to the needs of the corporate community in Iowa and the Midwest Region with changing and ever evolving course offerings.  ISSl offers five types of services to IT staff in business, industry, state and local government.

Security Training for Information Technology (IT) Staff
Short courses and workshops  (one day or week long held on the ISU campus) will help IT staff gain experience in information security issues, at an affordable rate.  Suggested topics include risk assessment, penetration testing, information warfare, legal and ethical issues in security, forensics, web security, cryptography and virtual server security.

On-Site Security Education
ISSL offers the opportunity to bring the short courses and workshop training for your IT staff to your location to meet your companies needs in security education at a negotiated fee.

Security Literacy Training 
Applied, practical security education can be made accessible to all employees, even those with minimal technical backgrounds.   The Security Literacy education materials and provide prepackaged modules to companies.  We offer on site setting to train large groups of employees in a short time period.

Security Product Testing 
Building upon past work, we can complete security testing for companies, through development of security products and implement a new security product.  The tests can be head-to-head comparison of products or help in developing new products.

Types of testing available

A. Student driven testing
Testing products is typically setup as a contest by the organization wanting the testing.  A introduction presentation from the organization describing the product and the test.
B. Product testing
Companies can have specific products tested or  third party products they are interested in.
C. Product comparison testing
A group of products tested to help make a decision as to the best product for their needs.
D. Product reviews
Provide product reviews to be published by organizations or in magazines.

Past Testing Projects

  •  Data Loss Prevention Product Bakeoff  in Network World
  •  Red Team for World’s Largest Cyber Defense Competitions
  •  Penetration Testing for State Organizations
  •  Multi-use Office Device Penetration

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