Iowa Cyber Alliance

Iowa Cyber Alliance:

Protecting the Nation through Cyber Education

The Iowa Cyber Alliance is dedicated to the continual improvement in the cyber security posture of the citizens of Iowa and the engines of economic growth and development for the State and region. This shall be accomplished through a comprehensive set of training, outreach, education programs, and technical research initiatives leveraging the initiatives and capabilities across the State and the Land Grant responsibilities of Iowa State University

The Iowa Cyber Alliance will be the nation’s first state wide comprehensive program dedicated to providing security education, outreach, and training to government agencies, businesses, and all its citizens.  As one of the oldest cyber security programs in the country, Iowa State University (ISU) is uniquely positioned to lead the Iowa Cyber Alliance.

Goal of the Iowa Cyber Alliance:

The goal of the Iowa Cyber Alliance is to establish Iowa leadership in information security literacy, education and research.  The alliance will create a safe and secure Iowa by:

  • Delivering security literacy to all Iowans
  • Providing educational pathways to grow the cyber workforce
  • Coordinating and delivering cyber security training
  • Assisting in technology based information security capabilities to benefit the members
  • Working with potential employers to develop employment opportunities

Iowa Cyber Alliance Membership

Membership in the Iowa Cyber Alliance is open to any organization interested in the goals and mission of the alliance. The alliance members provide input and help deliver the programming necessary to accomplish the goal of increasing the cyber workforce.  Alliance members include:

  • Educational members (K-12, community colleges, Universities, AEA, etc.)
  • Industrial members (local, regional, national employers)
  • Other members (State, local, and federal government, National Guard, trade groups

If your organization is interested in joining the Iowa Cyber Alliance please contact:

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