What is ISEAGE?

The Internet-Scale Event and Attack Generation Environment (ISEAGE) was developed at the Iowa State University Information Assurance Center. The goal of ISEAGE is to provide a world-class research and education facility to enhance the current state of the art in information assurance. Dedicated to creating a virtual Internet for the purpose of researching, designing, and testing cyber defense mechanisms, the one-of-a-kind facility is a catalyst for bringing together top researchers from several disciplines for a common goal of making computing safer.

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ISEAGE is a first-of-its-kind testbed that can be used for simulating complex network environments and malicious attacks. We've done small-scale product testing, full-scale simulations of complex networking environments, and everything in between.



ISEAGE can integrate with physical server hardware, vendor appliances, or even virtual machines. Our environment is flexible enough to model today's dynamic IT environments.



ISEAGE simulation software was built with scale in mind. Our ISEAGE environment is up to just about any task thanks to our powerful 35-node server cluster, sporting 280 processor cores, all working in parallel.



We're excited to be partnering with other labs, including the Power Infrastructure Cybersecurity Laboratory at Iowa State University (PowerCyber). The PowerCyber lab needed an environment that could simulate the complex (and often out of date) networking topology of the U.S. power grid control systems. ISEAGE was their answer - and it could be yours, too.

ISEAGE is proudly operated by the Iowa State University Information Assurance Center