MENGR(coursework only)

Master of Engineering (coursework only)

The Master of Engineering in Information Assurance degree is only offered to off-campus students. This program is designed to assist all individuals who already have a bachelor’s degree in computing or related areas to pursue an in-depth study in information assurance. With the rapidly changing technological landscape in engineering industries, an advanced degree or continuing education seemingly is becoming increasingly necessary.

The Master of Engineering program (MENGR) is based on coursework credits only (no thesis or creative component is required, and no visit to campus is required). Courses are offered via our Engineering-LAS Online Learning streaming media online education program. (see

The program is broadly based and uses courses in the various departments. The program will consist of 30 credits of courses. The courses are divided into three categories: core, electives, capstone (632).  (view the link below)

Students admitted into a Master of Engineering degree are required to create a Program of Study. The student and the major professor, in consultation, determines the elective courses to be taken and the acceptability of transfer credits, the list of selected courses are entered on the Program of Study. The Program of Study (electronic form) must be submitted to the Graduate College by the deadline and approved in the term before the Final Oral Examination. Additional information, deadlines, and instructions are located on the Graduate College website (


Students interested in the MENGR in IA degree apply and are admitted to Information Assurance (InfAs) with ECpE as the home department.  The admission requirements  for students entering the program without work experience are the same as the requirement for computer engineers.  For students with 3 or more years of work experience the GRE and GPA minimum may be waived.  Students with an undergraduate degree in a non computing field that have at least 3 years of work experience in an information technology field may be admitted to the program.  Please contact Ginny Anderson prior to applying with details of your work history and background information. ()   The degree awarded is a Master of Engineering in Information Assurance.


Masters of Engineering (pdf)