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The Internet-Scale Event and Attack Generation Environment (ISEAGE) (pronounced “ice age”) is being developed at the Iowa State University Information Assurance Center. The goal of ISEAGE is to provide a world-class research and education facility to enhance the current state of the art in information assurance research, testing, and training. ISEAGE is a cluster of nodes which are capable of simulating an arbitrary, reconfigurable, static routing topology that is abstracted away from the physical hardware. What makes ISEAGE truly cutting edge is the suite of tools being developed to research internet-scale cyber security events in a controlled environment. Most of these things cannot be done on the real internet, due to security or feasibility, and many cannot even be done on existing simulated topologies due to their traffic requirements. ISEAGE provides an environment in which tools can violate logistical constraints to simulate internet-scale events and attacks.



Production Systems

Prototypes and Development Work

Deprecated/Phased Out Systems

Support Systems


General Information

Network Information

Public-facing IAC IP address usage on the NucE subnet IAC IP address usage on the ASC II subnet IAC IP address usage on the Coover subnet IAC IP address usage on the Howe subnet IT-Olympics address usage on the Hilton subnet

Internal IP address usage on the current Management network IP address usage on the current White Team network

Blue Team Ranges IP addresses used by Blue Teams

Green Team Ranges IP addresses given to DHCP clients on the Green network

Playground Ranges IP addresses used on the IT-A playground

Previous Configuration (2009-2012) IP address usage on the previous setup network IP address usage on the previous White Team network

Papers from ISEAGE

Related Projects

Contact Information

If you are looking to get involved with ISEAGE, please contact

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