Master of Science with Thesis

Off-campus students may complete and present a thesis as a part of the Master of Science in Information Assurance program. This thesis component is a demonstration of the student’s independent work and knowledge of the field of study. The student will present their thesis and report results.


The basic prerequisite for admission to this program is a baccalaureate degree in engineering, mathematics, computer science, management information systems, political science or closely related field.

The GRE examination may be required based on the student’s background. Students with baccalaureate degrees in physical sciences, statistics or other related fields will be considered on an individual basis, possibly with provisional admission.

Students applying to the distance education program will select Information Assurance as the major on the ISU online admission application form.


Additional Information

The program consists of 24 course credits. Six credits of the program are research work (CPR E 699). Students research a chosen topic, upon approval from the professor.

Students admitted into a Master of Science degree are required to secure a committee appointment and create a Program of Study. The committee appointment includes three faculty members: professor of the major, a faculty member within the area of study and a faculty member from outside the area of study. The Program of Study Committee advises the student to take specific electives and determines the acceptability of transfer credits. The Committee Appointment and the Program of Study must be submitted to the Graduate College by the deadline and approved in the semester before the Final Oral Examination. Additional information, deadlines and instructions are located on the Graduate College website.