On campus graduate degrees

The Information Assurance Center offers 3 different on campus graduate degree options:

  1. Masters of Science with thesis
  2. Masters of Science without thesis (Creative Component)
  3. Ph.D. in a home department (Cpr E, CS, or Math) with a focus on Information Assurance


  • The admission process into the Ph.D. program is through the various home departments and your Ph.D degree would be in that home department major (i.e. Computer Engineering, Computer Science)
  • The Masters of Engineering (coursework only) degree is offered to off-campus (distance education) students only


Students applying in Information Assurance may state their home department preference  in the statement of purpose or  the student will be place in a home department (the department that is most closely aligned with the student’s research interest and background). The home department sets the admission standards, course requirements, and thesis standards.   Please contact Ginny Anderson for more information ()