Outreach Programs

Information Assurance Student Group (IASG)

The Information Assurance Student Group is an Iowa State University Student Organization for students interested in becoming professionals in Information Assurance or who just wish to learn more about how to make their networks, computers, and applications more secure. Information Assurance is the practice of assuring the integrity, availability, confidentiality, and overall security of information and thus comprises a wide range of disciplines. The Information Assurance Center at Iowa State is composed of Mathematicians, Electrical Engineers, Computer Engineers, Computer Scientists, Managers of Information Systems, and Political Scientists. IASG is open to anyone! We have weekly meetings about topics such as computer viruses, firewalls, database security, physical security, wireless jamming, or many others (check out the library page for more examples); and offer hands-on labs in things such as vulnerability scanning, wireless network cracking, and more!

IT-Adventures (IT-A) (Iowa State University & HyperStream of Iowa)

IT-Adventures, 2014 – 2015 (year eight) is an innovative program that is dedicated to increasing interest in and awareness of IT among high school students through inquiry-based learning focused on four content areas:  cyber defense, app design programming, robotics, and multimedia.  IT-Adventures utilizes secondary, post-secondary, and industry partnerships in educational programming, competitive events and service learning projects aimed at the high school students to accomplish its goal.