Information Assurance Research Consortium


The ISU Information Assurance Research Consortium serves industry through fundamental and applied research and maintains an active program of knowledge and technology transfer among the academic institution and the partner industries.  The Consortium aspires to be a global research, educational, and training resource for industry by directing the development of innovative security and software engineering capabilities, processes and systems. Research programs are recommended jointly by Consortium faculty/staff and member companies.

Consortium research programs are supported by funds from member companies. The results of the research are proprietary to the academic institution and are made available to Consortium member companies on a first-look basis. This information is ultimately placed in the public domain, through presentations and publications, poster presentations, software, and patent disclosures, with the assistance of the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) of the Consortium. The policies governing the ownership of intellectual property are discussed in the Member Agreement.


Organizational Structure

The organizational structure is designed to be responsive to the most significant needs of the Consortium: (1) to build and maintain membership; (2) to develop and execute a compelling agenda; (3) to maintain the fiscal health of the Consortium; and (4) to foster the utilization and dissemination of Consortium-supported research findings among the member companies and ultimately throughout industry.